The Galileo Tire offers a new perspective on sustainable development by dramatically decreasing ground damage caused by vehicles which can affect crop yield by as much as 60%. The tire’s oversized footprint will enable tractors to gain drawbar pull with vastly improved floatation. This translates into more work, less damage, and less fuel cost from the same machine. In addition, the tire’s ability to work at nearly 0 psi will allow farmers to commute from field to field on the road without damage to the tires.


The beneficial features of the Galileo Wheel tire for agriculture are summarized below.



Oversized footprint Unlike standard radials, the Galileo Wheel tire is able to alter its geometry.  The new geometry provides significant increase in ground contact area.
Reduction of ground compaction


Unlike tracks and radial tires, the Galileo Wheel tire evenly distributes the machine’s weight on the ground. Combined with its larger footprint, this can mean a major reduction of ground compaction.
Air pressure zone between 30-Zero PSI Provides unparalleled flexibility and versatility in today’s farm machines which currently can’t be deflated to lower than 12 PSI.
Traction, pull and drawbar comparable to conventional track  ~ 30%*  reduced slippage will yield reduced fuel costs.

(* Soil type will impact the slipped rate)

Better Rolling Circumference  The Galileo Wheel tire has at least a 5% better rolling circumference resulting in additional reduction in fuel consumption.


Proprietary Galileo Wheel tire geometry reduces by far the potential damage that standard tires are susceptible to from regular work obstructions.
Small tractor to do a big tractor job with far less ground damage


Low slippage translates into better drag and pull qualities.   A small tractor mounted with Galileo Wheel tires will be able to do large tractor work.   And, the small tractor weight will translate into reduced damage to the field, further increasing crop yield.
Access fields in rough conditions (comfort & floatation) Unmatched floatation will allow farmers to enter fields in muddy and rainy conditions, performing critical jobs while limiting ground damage.
Uniform spraying, reduced sprayer damage  A tractor will have greatly improved balance and could follow a straighter route than wheeled machines.  This will enable uniform spraying and will reduce sprayer damage.
Easily mounts on any tractor and any rim


Galileo Wheel tires can be installed on any tractor with practically no modification to the machine or rims
50km/hr on road with exceptional comfort & durability of wheel  While on a paved road the Galileo Wheel tires demonstrate comfort, durability and dependability comparable to a standard tire.
The Galileo tire is manufactured on standard production lines and COGS with only minor modifications  Competitive price with all the benefits listed above. The productions of the Galileo Wheel tires require only minor changes in standard production lines.


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