Alon Hayka – CEO – Joined Galileo to lead its transformation from an engineering company which develops Military and Civil robotics applications to becoming a market leader in tires for off-road vehicle markets. Alon holds masters degree in economics from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.  Over the past 20 years Alon managed 4 successful start-ups including DenX medical systems, East Ventures, Facial Imaging llc, and EventusDx Ltd. During that time he raised funds in private and public offerings and built a world-wide network for product marketing and sales.



Avishay Novoplanski – As Chief Technology Officer – Avishay is the co-founder of Galileo Wheel and the inventor of Galileo Wheel’s technology. In his role as CTO at Galileo Wheel, Avishay is responsible for the company’s R&D, bringing breakthrough technology from proof of concept to becoming a working product. Previously, Avishay led the development of the VIPeR man portable military robot, a collaborative effort with Elbit Systems. In this project, Avishay was in charge of the entire development cycle, from a brilliant idea through to field deployment. Among his many accomplishments he has also developed a unique stair climbing wheelchair, providing potential new freedom for the handicapped. Avishay is an innovative thinker gifted with the ability to integrate creative ideas into practical applications. He is an industrial design engineering graduate of the renowned Bezalel Academy, in Jerusalem. From his student years and through his professional career he has won several awards for creative designs.


Dr. Edery-Azulay- R&D Manager

Dr. Edery-Azulay brings to Galileo vast experience and knowledge in the field of structural analysis and research.

Before joining Galileo, Lucy founded, lead and a managed the structural analysis group for various industrial projects. She managed the research staff of Innowattech Ltd, from concept, through development to practical implementations.  Dr. Edery-Azulay also served as a aircraft upgrades project manager at Elbit-Systems.

Lucy holds a Phd. in Aerospace Engineering from the Technion in Haifa, where she was also a lecturer and assistant professor in structural design and analysis. She is the author of several publications in leading professional journals and has been granted several patents in the field of power harvesting using piezoelectric materials.





Ariel Cohen – Chairman of the Board – Founder, co-owner and CEO of Bernardo Cohen investments Ltd. Established in 1998, Bernardo specializes in early stage investments in companies with unique technologies which address clear market needs. Ariel is personally involved in most of Bernardo Portfolio companies, serving as a Board member in few of them. In Sep 2001 Ariel led a group of parents to establish a Democratic School in his residential town of Hod-Hasharon, and served as the school principle in its first year of operation. In the period 2000 – 2014 Ariel was the treasurer of the parents’ NPO which funded major part of the school operation, and was a leading member of its steering committee.

Graduated in 1992 from the Tel-Aviv University in Mathematics and Computers.


Arik Kopelman – BOD – Seasoned entrepreneur and private equity investor with over two decades of experience in founding, managing, and funding companies in the field of green-tech, IT software development and communication.

Granted patents and patents pending in the field of search and natural language processing.

As an entrepreneur Mr. Kopelman co-founded, led and managed 4 successful companies, including The Relegence Corporation that was acquired by AOL. As a private equity investor Mr. Kopelman has a rich track record in companies and ventures that have a significant and positive impact on the environment, and on human communication.

Mr. Kopelman holds a BSc.(cum laude) in Physics from the Technion in Haifa and a MSc. (summa cum laude) from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem.


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