f Introducing, Galileo Tire | Redesigning the Tire
Introducing, Galileo Tire

Forget everything you thought you knew about tires. Galileo Wheel is proud to present a new tire for off and on road vehicles, a development that will break nearly all the boundaries of a conventional tire. A new and completely redesigned tire, The Galileo CupWheel tire has an ‘accordion-shape’ folding sidewall that allows the outer circumference to change its shape freely, and move about the wheel center in all directions. Furthermore, while air pressure drops, the sidewall folds, not collapsing as in a standard tire, and therefore generating far less heat. These features provide the Galileo Tire with a gigantic footprint at 0 psi – far beyond anything the tire industry has seen before, natural runflat capabilities at high speeds, structural stiffness for superb handling capabilities at any pressure and a rolling circumference that stays the same regardless of air pressure.

23 psi

0 psi

Short term applications currently under development include:

  • Farm Tractors & agricultural equipment: Small tractors to do large tractor job with unparalleled minimal field damage
  • Military: New standard for versatility
  • Construction: Unprecedented negotiability
  • Forestry: Previously unattainable combination of negotiability and minimal ground damage

Essentially creating a new and better tire, Galileo looks to become the wheel of choice for hundreds of applications and millions of on and off road vehicles