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11.2-38 Galileo IrriCup Airless pivot tire mounted on rim

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Compatible with: Valley, Lindsay/Zimmatic, Reinke and others

Universal – fits any rim

Airless non-directional tires IrriCup – tires that work like a track! Unique tire design with patented CupWheel technology – don't get stuck in deep mud. Tires create shallow ruts, protect the drivetrain, lead to no downtime – bolt-on and ready to go solution. Recommended to use on corner spans.


Completion: fully assembled. TIRE MOUNTED ON RIM.

Type: non-directional, airless pivot tires

Section Width: 11.4 in

Overall Diameter: 58.1 in

Loaded Static Radius: 26.5 in 

Tread Depth: 48 in

Max Load: 4,409 lbs


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