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Airless Pivot Tires That Work Like A Track – Your Pivot Irrigation Troubleshooter In 2024

One of the biggest challenges faced by pivot irrigation system owners is choosing the right pivot wheels. Punctures on pneumatic pivot tires, tire accident de-rimming, downtime due to repair and getting stuck in the mud, breakdowns, deep ruts – these are just some of the problems farmers face.

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There is a solution that solves all of these problems at once – airless pivot tires IrriCup by Galileo Wheel. IrriCup is a non-directional airless tire for pivots, made with patented CupWheel technology. This technology features a special tire structure that provides an extended, wide footprint. IrriCup is an airless irrigation tire that works like a track – combining advantages of pneumatic tires and rubber tracks.

Extended footprint leads to less soil compaction 

Irricup does not create deep ruts, protects the drivetrain and prevents soil erosion.

Airless irrigation pivot tire IrriCup Galileo Wheel

End to pivot downtime with airless pivot tires IrriCup 

IrriCup is an airless tire with concave side walls that are resistant to punctures. Better traction is resulting in no slippage. Irrigation pivot on IrriCup is running with no downtime.

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Increased traction

Tires have superior flotation provided by extended footprint and self-cleaning feature. IrriCup has proven to be the optimal solution for the most difficult irrigated areas of the field such as corner spans, grades and deepest existing ruts.

Airless center pivot tire IrriCup Galileo Wheel on irrigation pivot

IrriCup full-assembly rim 

IrriCup is a ready-to-use solution. A tire is already mounted on a rim. This saves money and time for installation. 

Galileo airless IrriCup are available in 2 popular sizes: 14.9-24 and 11.2-38. Tires are compatible with all famous pivot brands: Valley, Lindsay/Zimmatic, Reinke, TL and others. For more information about the technology features, technical information and distributors in USA: 

Airless irrigation tire for center pivot Galileo IrriCup

For customers from USA and Canada: visit our branded online tire shop to buy your airless irrigation pivot tires:

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