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Galileo CupWheel tractor tyres testing in the Netherlands

Updated: Jan 22

Photo by Joost Rijk // @RijkJoost on X

CupWheel AgriCup tractor tires in various sizes were successfully presented in Europe at Agritechnica in Hanover, including the largest sizes: 600/65R28CW and 710/70R38CW.

The Farm of the Future, a pilot farm of Wageningen University in Lelystad, is testing the Gallileo CupWheel tractor tyres starting in early December 2023. With a very low pressure and large contact area, CupWheel AgriCup flattens enormously when driven across the land.

This provides a lot of traction, says Joost Rijk, organic trial farm manager, after using the tractor to plow overhead beetland with a five-scissors plow. 

CupWheel tire testing in the polder - video by Trekker

The Galileo Cupwheel tires were fitted by importer Heuver and dealer Bevri, under a 147 kW (200 hp) strong Fendt 820 Vario. Front 600/65R28CW and rear 710/70R38CW

"It's going not bad," says Rijk on X, the former Twitter. "The first experiences are encouraging." 

Gertjan Zevenbergen, editor-in-chief of AgriMedia, posted an article about how AgriCup tractor tires testing is going. Here are the highlights from his article.

The tires have a cheek that is folded inward, creating a kind of harmonica action once weight is resting on them. That, along with a low pressure in the tire, causes them to flatten to the point where it looks like the tire becomes a track.

Photo by Joost Rijk // @RijkJoost on X

In its original condition, the tire has a size of 1.94 meters; as soon as weight rests on it, it is significantly less. As the contact area increases, more lugs come to the ground. This increases traction, as Rijk actually notices, "Increased traction". At 0.5 bar, the tires can carry just over 4,700 kg at 10 km/h, according to the technical information of the CupWheel.

The Galileo CupWheel can be mounted on a standard R1-W rim. To facilitate mounting - the bead of the CupWheel is stiffer than a conventional tractor tire – an additional ring must be mounted on the inside. The bead then slides over it more easily while preventing damage to the bead. A set of four tires costs about the same as a set of tires from a reputable brand, also says a spokesman for Molcon Interwheels, which imports the tire in Belgium.

The tires under PPO's Fendt are a test set, indicates Enno Schottert, agricultural business manager at Heuver. The Cupwheel importer will soon mount a second test set on a tractor in Groningen. In addition, Schottert expects to test four more sets for traction, slip and fuel consumption next year. Not only in the field, but also on the road. Then the pressure in the tires will also go up from 0.5 to 1.5 bar. "Then a pressure changing system will be a necessity," Schottert stressed. 

Joost Rijk, Organic trial farm manager at Farm of the future, a pilot farm of Wageningen University in Lelystad, says:

Plowing is going fendtastic! Thanks in part to the frost, the top is hard enough to support the weight of the tractor. At the bottom of the front it is still on the wet side after last week's 70 mm, so driving over the top is ideal. Testing of the CupWheels continues, more later!

Interested in Galileo CupWheel tractor tyres? Check out technical information in our tire catalog.


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