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Galileo Wheel closes $8M round led by Stine Seed Farm, Inc. of Adel, Iowa

Updated: May 20

Galileo CupWheel tractor tires

Galileo Wheel is pleased to announce the closing of an $8 Million investment round led by Stine Seed Farm of Adel, Iowa. 

Stine Seed Farm is one of the largest privately held seed companies in the United States. For more than 40 years, Stine has been providing corn and soybean growers with the best genetics available in the industry. Stine operates the largest soybean breeding program in the industry, developing genetics that represent nearly two-thirds of all soybean varieties planted in the United States each year. Thousands of new hybrid corn varieties are developed and evaluated by Stine's breeding program each year, making it one of the largest and most prolific in the industry.

Brandon L. Danielson, CFO Stine Seed Farm:

“We are excited to be part of a company that will have a big impact on sustainable farming practices and the farming communities we serve. Galileo’s CupWheel is the once-in-a-generation technology leap operators of farming machinery have been waiting for.” 

Galileo Wheel is the owner of the innovative CupWheel® tire technology – off-road mobility solutions for central pivot irrigation systems, agriculture and construction industries. Since 2011 we have delivered enhanced performance capabilities based on a brand-new design concept – CupWheel® tires.

Galileo Wheel CEO Armin Schon:

“There can be no greater encouragement of our work to make modern agriculture more sustainable than Stine Seed Farm joining our investor community. The partnership between Galileo Wheel and Stine Seed Farm heralds a new era in sustainable farming innovation. With Stine Seed Farm’s expertise in genetics and Galileo Wheel's revolutionary CupWheel® tire technology, we are poised to advance modern agriculture, improve crop yields, and foster a more sustainable future for farmers.


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